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What is Amazon Web Services | Introduction To Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services

So that is Amazon-based services is a subsidiary of that is Amazon Web Services is a global leader in the cloud computing technology market right.

It was launched way back in late 2006 when no company had the cloud computing business, one group.

Today, 70 plus and all of the cloud computing market is residing on EW es, so you can now imagine how big in the process right companies.

what or need to do is let us look at some of the companies to Amazon Web Services. Some prominent companies were using the interested infrastructure to do this only with many famous companies like Kellogg’s.

What is Amazon Web Services
What is Amazon Web Services

What is Amazon Web Services

It can be turned like fix our Netflix Amazon, which uses the internet infrastructure for Amazon Web Services for their operations no Netflix and Amazon.

I utterly dependent upon the end of this infrastructure now you can imagine if these two companies which are so big and all the old one
is using it.

Even your application will share the same infrastructure as he is up so you can imagine what your obligation is and see.
If that is right, you can be assured that having said that let us discuss, but why do companies use it.

. talking about Amazon Web Services , If you know what side one gauge of having the cloud computing technology with your thanks, let us shed light on that and for that.

Let us take an example, so you take off, you know, starting a business and senior businesses.

Introduction To Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Introduction To Amazon Web Services (AWS)

So you would think of launching the ins and outs Kishen, and you have the application ready snowing up make it available to the.

So the first thing that ever does is to invest some money in some service and upload the application on it.

I mean, I could get in is up and ready right in Amazon Web Services, so you started this morning is the bees, and you say okay so in one month, or.

so I can expect that so and so users would be there, but your plan does not go according to your will and what happens in over 98 applications.

What are the services provided by AWS ?

What are the services provided by AWS ?

Become so blinded that there are millions of users were trying to access your application now so the.

You had and all very overburdened with the kind of traffic which is coming in, and you get very anxious about what to do.

What do you invest some more money by some was it was, and now the situation seems to be a little longer correct, but K.

So are the machines we should not forget about it, and they have bonded big dump to Amazon Web Services, someone, finally what happened years your summers ago don’t they go ahead and get out healthy sort of fix this again your high school had a maintenance team.

What are the services provided by AWS ?

What is AWS and what are the benefits of AWS ?

This is now going to managers, so you have any greed that requires any soften up a badge that has to be put in.

.but many also go on to placing it with a new so, but all of that is now going to be managed by the men did not speak right so the kind of attention required for you to give to your application.

It could not get that attention because Harvey intends to map eight solos, and diesel was not distributed among different places for what no one reminder does.

It gives you first of all it has been a disaster the company kind of situation, for example i.e Amazon Web Services, you can have these men do so loose for.

Your traffic flow is correct, so this all goes on because each good application stands up because of the following days.

What is AWS and what are the benefits of AWS ?
What is AWS and what are the benefits of AWS ?

How Does AWS it Work ?

It has just been hosted at different reliably low prices by building one, so it was for a particular place right simmered on.

So if I say I want to lose, if the summit is everybody you get it to thank you use that somewhat until the summer price goes up.

I want to go that does so what is taken automatically for you that would help close it in the book is not that urgent.

However, you want to get it done at the minimum cost plus, right, so I just had one that had been done, guys.

We come to an end to the end of this all of you.

Thank you guys for listening to this session; I hope you guys learned something new today.


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