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I’m talking about good clean gas. Many companies like Google have been pressed wood, and other technology-driven companies  go about Kotlin vs Java and using Kotlin for their daily needs, and in this session. We check out a quick introduction to gold and cobalt, seeing what it offers to us as developers.

kotlin is an open-source general-purpose statically typed programming language for using a call to double your machine and android.

This helps combine object-oriented models and functional programming markets as well all about Kotlin vs Java which is better.

If this is the most significant advantage that the gold plan gives us .as a programming language, the force Dahlke takes away from this light is that it’s open-source.

The second key takeaway is that it’s a general-purpose language that allows both object-oriented and functional programming features in Kotlin .

It gives it to the users as well end of the third point is that a statically typed what statically typed Kotlin vs Java. Pretty much means that you would have to provide the data types automat.

 Java or Kotlin for Android Development
Java or Kotlin for Android Development

Which language is best for Android development ?

You’ll be able to respect the data types every time you go about using gas. So if you have a way to you but you do not have to specify a.

The single time that it’s an integer or float or double. It’s as simple as that case, so we are coming to the next point is pretty much. You might be wondering wept Kotlin is actively used to give you the general example of that accordion can fit in into this programming ward o java.

We live in a while coding can be football 50 in the cell was a programming domain. It helps very much in the glance at programming.

It is mostly used in android development cases, and you might come to think about it. These are weighty broad fields that have been coated on the screen.

But gase Kotlin is useful more buyouts, so sign up recreation client-side application development for Kotlin or Java in collaboration with the Dallas crypto doll. I fix, and then you can also use a lot of data science techniques alongside Kotlin.

Which language is best for Android development ?
Which language is best for Android development ?

What is Kotlin ?

This is just one of the few possibilities that we and we had for you last week. Anyway, check out the features in-depth in the case of the coming slide, so on that note, you might be wondering who uses Kotlin right.

when guys again, no doubt Kotlin is a fantastic programming language, and all the statistics do the same as what it was. Goldman is one of the famous languages used by many big technology companies.

All database ways tech people at Google uber Pinterest Evernote up and clap and trailer .so many more go about using Kotlin for their daily requirements case. So this brings us to the next point at the end, so how did Gordon come by well.

Which is the Better Option Kotlin vs Java
Which is the Better Option Kotlin vs Java

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Java or Kotlin for Android Development

If you take a look at Kirkland’s history, it does ready. Enjoyable biggest giving you guys a fact your coat is considered the alternative to Java. If you guys did not know for the last decade or so, John, what was the most prominent programming language?

The most popular programming language to have ever existed and then a fighting game along the way and took over the throne. .But Jalal was one among the significant clear sights of goal had to be amazing how to be better than Java to be considered. To meet the job right so where does all the.

Seemed a brand but on the same legacy of jala than Kotlin is amazing is still coming to how Kotlin game for Kotlin vs Java by cutting pretty. Much all that’s needed at this weighty famous company card as jet brains. It was launched in the year 2011, and it has ever been open source since 2011.

Java or Kotlin for Android Development

Basics of Kotlin Programming

Guys, so dead brains are this company which is again for fresher for a beginner and intermediate user. Getting up to speed with that technology is extremely important in terms of developer efficiency.

Why do we need Kotlin ?

In terms of putting out the right court and working on projects, gays and then the syntax is exceptionally intuitive.

You lied, so it is ready can size it is prepared but the to a point where you have to type in what’s precisely required.

You can get away with that case. You would have to type in extended video syntaxes in java and kotlin or all programming languages, all code snippets of it.

All you have to get a small job done can quickly bring us to what makes feature race a drop inability when you.

What Should you learn Java or kotlin 2021 ?
What Should you learn Java or kotlin 2021 ?

Think about it as I wanted to mention dolichol conduct Kotlin encoding coconut on Java. So this will help you on a massive level in the intermediate to advanced programming all phases of your life. Because again at the end of the day it keeps a develop a product would be too high you know.

there is nothing redundant with the program that you’re working with and.

Which will help you get faster when you’re entering the court. So let me get close for now, and allow me to maximize this buffet.

So if I click on the left side, which in this project, and if I keep going into our store experience, as you can see, we do not have any source well at the moment, our task is 80 in Kotlin vs Java.

But our source went outside because there isn’t any, to begin with right so let us quickly create as right now as he can to go out on the screen, and it is as simple as this case well we can walk you through an entire use case on Kotlin if U.


do let us know if you guys would be interested in taking something out like that and if you guys are interested.

We’ve come up with that at the earliest case, so you have reached the end of this video on that note. This brings us to the end of the session, guys. If you have any query said to the comments section below about Java or Kotlin for Android Development and let us know. We get back to you at your earliest thank you for watching.

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