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How can you Learned to Code ? and Get a Job at Google !


What’s up? Everybody has ago and wants to do a quick introduction. Basically, in this Article, I wanted to share with you the story of how I went from quite literally never having written a line of code to Learned to Code.

My life to landing a job as a software engineer at Google in just a little over six months and got Job at Google, and as you’ll see in this video, I tried to be candid and transparent because I want to give you sort of accurate information.

I’d want to paint a real picture of what happened without leaving out essential details but at the same time without adding a bunch of useless information, and hopefully.

How can you Learned to Code ?
How can you Learned to Code ?

How can you Learned to Code ?

This video will be just that me telling you what I did during the six months, so with that, I hope that this article will be insightful, maybe even inspirational, or the very least exciting and enjoyable to Learned to Code.

So I graduated from college in May of 2016 with a major in math. In college, I’d been sort of all over the place. I was going to major in visual studies at 1.

Then I would major in economics than mathematical economics.

I ended up in the house, but the point is that when I graduated from college.

Which programming language should you learn to get a job in Google ?

I’d not have written a single line of code in my life, and that was mainly due to 2 reasons.

The first one is that I had this terrible misconception that if you hadn’t been studying coding since you were a kid or since high school, you couldn’t do college can do computer science in college to Job at Google.

It annoys me thinking back that I had this misconception, but I did have it. The second reason is that I wouldn’t say I liked it.

I had seen other people do some coding, and I was just turned off by it, and I had dabbled in HTML and CSS for one weekend in college.

By the way, I realize that some of these you’re going to think, oh, you said you never wrote or write a line of code in your life.

HTML and CSS, you’re learning the fundamentals of HTML, and CSS is not.

Which programming language should you learn to get a job in Google ?
Which programming language should you learn to get a job in Google ?

What language does Google code in ?

Wait, the same thing as you know, learning how to write python or Javascript or C++, I bet that some of the comments here are going to be like you said that you had not written a single line of code in your life and yet wrote XML and CSS.

You get the idea, and I wouldn’t say I liked it. I wouldn’t know I wanted a minimal amount of HTML CSS.

I did during that one weekend, so I guess I’d never picked it up very quickly.

After I graduated from BTech college, I realized that I wanted to do many things to Job at Google you like my own business or work in product management and venture capital.

All these things required coding skills, and I just discovered what coding boot camps work.

So I decided, you know what I mean, upside a coding boot camp, and I’m going to learn how to cook, and that is the sort of storage of my software engineering journey or my journey to software engineering.

How can you get a Job at Google as a Software Engineer

How can you get a Job at Google as a Software Engineer

That’s when it started in early June of 2016, a few weeks after Iraq graduated from college.

When I started applying to these coding boot camps, I used to for coding boot camps, and I wrote me very first a real line of code while applying to them.

These coding boot camps work because they don’t want their students to arrive on the first day of in-person classes or online classes, having never written a single line of code in their lives.

They want them then to be at a very elementary level of coding knowledge.

Still, they want them to understand the necessary code not to serve to discriminate against people like me who have never written a line of code in their lives or who had never written any line of programming code in their lives.

What code should you learn to get a job in Google ?

They give you preparatory material. When you apply, you can check off the box that says I’ve never written a line of code in my life and kind of, you know, going back to playing video games all day.

I remember I didn’t do any coding during that month, then the month of August rolled around.

I started doing their sort of free work online, and during that time, I wasn’t doing anything too crazy I was following what they were doing.

It was, you know, just a few hours of coding per day. I wouldn’t say that I was doing anything particularly more than that in large part. Because they were warning you are telling you to do what we’re giving you, not much more you’ll have plenty of coding to Job at Google to do during the three months of the immersive part of the program.

What code should you learn to get a job in Google ? 

What coding skills are required to land a job at Google

So I just took them by their word and did just that. Then the immersive part of the coding boot camp started.

It went from 9/20/16 to 12/20/16 mid-December, and those three months, point 5, were the highlight of my journey to software engineering.

During those three months, I was living and breathing coding, and most of my peers, most of the people in the coding boot camp with the rest is history. I did well on my coding interviews at Google which happened in early 2/20/17.

What code should you learn to get a job in Google ? 

Then I got my higher decision from Google just three days after my interviews, and that’s it if you count the months between the day that I brought my very first line of code. The time that I got my higher decision, it’s our 6/20/16. Thanks a lot by 2016.

I didn’t do anything; I took a break and played video games all day overwatch and then August, September, October, November, December, January.

So seven months, a little over six months sounds better in the title anyway. And that’s it, that is how I went from. I have never written one of my life to land a job as a software engineer at Google and now just a couple of years later.

I can’t imagine not being a software engineer.


I can’t imagine not coding almost every day. That’s it for this video. I hope that you enjoy hearing my story. Let me know what you thought about it in the comments below.

Guys, Let me know if you have a similar account or if my story inspires you of Job at Google.

I always read your comments, and these videos take a surprising amount of time to film and edit and to kind of scope out, so I very much appreciate a smashing of the share button if you enjoyed the article.

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