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In this video, I will answer it top 3 questions my students ask me about Python what is Python, what you can do with it, and why is it so popular ? In other words, what does it do that other programming languages don’t.

I thought it is the world’s fastest-growing and Python is the most popular programming language among software engineers and mathematicians, data analyst scientists, network engineers, and even kids.

Because it’s enormous in our friendly programming language hence, people from different disciplines use Python for various tasks such as data analysis and visualization, artificial intelligence in Python and machine learning automation for Python Programming For Beginners.

This is one of the significant users of Python amongst people who are not software developers. Suppose you continuously have to do tedious, repetitive tasks such as copying files and folders around renaming them uploading them to a server in Python .

In that case, you can quickly write a python script to automate all that and save your time, and that’s just one example.

What is Python
What is Python

What is Python ?

Suppose you continuously have to work with excel spreadsheets, PDF CSV files, download websites, and pars them. In that case, you can automate all that stuff with Python, so you’ll have to be a software developer.

US prices you could be an accountant, a mathematician or a scientist, and use Python to make your life easier.

You can also use Python to build web mobile and desktop applications as well as software testing, or even hacking surprise is a multi-purpose language.

Not if you have some programming experience, you may say what in March, we can do all this stuff with other programming languages.

So what’s the big deal about Python? Here are a few reasons with Python, you can solve complex problems in less time with fewer lines of code.

Here’s an example let’s say we want to extract the first three letters of the text hello world, this is the code we have to write in C. sharp this is how we do it in Javascript, and here’s how we do it in Python see how short and clean the languages and that’s just the beginning.

Python Programming For Beginners | Python Tips
Python Programming For Beginners | Python Tips

Hi the lakes, a lot of trivial things easy, but it’s simple yet powerful syntax. Here are a few of the reasons why Python is so popular. It’s a high-level language, so you don’t have to worry about complex tasks such as memory management like you do in see.

Python Programming For Beginners Tips

Plus, it’s cross-platform, which means we can build and run python applications on windows mac analytics. It has a massive community. Hence, whenever you get stuck, there’s someone out there to help. It has a large ecosystem of library frameworks and tools.

This means whatever you want to do, it is likely that someone else has done it before. Because Python has been around for over 20 years, so in a nutshell, Python is a multi-purpose language with a simple, clean and beginner-friendly syntax.

All of that means Python is awesome technically everything either with Python. You can do it with other programming languages.

Python simplicity and elegance have made it grow way more than the other programming languages. That’s why it is the number one language employers are looking for, so whether you’re a programmer or an absolute beginner learning Python opens up lots of job opportunities to you.

Python Programming For Beginners Tips

The average price on a developer earns a whopping $16000 he. Yeah. If you found this review helpful, please support my hard work by liking it and sharing it with others. Also, be sure to subscribe to my channel because I have a couple of excellent python tutorials for you.

You’re going to see them on the screen now. Here’s my python tutorial for beginners. It’s a great starting point.


If you have limited or no programming experience, on the other hand, if you do have some programming experience, I want to get up to speed with Python quickly.

I have another tutorial shows for you. I’m not going to waste your time telling you what a variable or function you will talk to you. As a program, there’s never been a better time to master hi some Python Programming For Beginners to click on the article that is right for you and get started to thank you for reading.

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